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NCPD honors cancer survivors

Sunday was National Cancer Survivor Day. NCPD is honoring two of our officers and one of their family members who are cancer survivors.
Here is Sgt. Jamison and his mom’s survival story.
“I personally was diagnosed with testicular cancer in August, 2008 while getting a physical for the police academy as well as the Army National Guard. When it was determined to be cancer I was not able to join the army, but was still able to attend the Central Piedmont Basic Law Enforcement Training. I had to undergo surgery and radiation therapy for several months while in police academy in Charlotte, NC.”
“My Mother Kimberly Jamison was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in 2001. Surgery included lumpectomy, hysterectomy, and chemo and radiation 2 months. She worked through cancer as a licensed day care provider and after-school tutor and as a mother of two teen boys.”
Here’s M.P.O. Thompson’s survival story.
“I was diagnosed with Stage 1A breast cancer in April 2021. I completed my final treatment on June 1! I can’t say thank you enough to God, my family, friends and everyone who has supported me during this fight!”