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NCPD Cpl. Shropshier awarded “Certificate of Recognition”

Please join NCPD in congratulating Cpl. Caleb Shropshier who’s been awarded a “Certificate of Recognition” for April 2023. In 2022, Cpl. Shropshier was transferred to the Training Section and was assigned to bring reality-based training to our officers. Officer Shropshier partnered with local businesses and citizens for reality-based training scenarios serving the purpose of training officers and helping to prepare citizens for acts of violence that may happen in the workplace, such as active shooter situations. Cpl. Shropshier also incorporated other agencies and organizations to train at our agency’s new Trident Technical College Reality-Based Training Center. Officer Shropshier has used his training and experience as a SWAT operator and instructor to better prepare officers for a variety of situations they may face on the street. Capt. Holt (on the left) presented Cpl. Shropshier with his award. Great job sir!