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NCPD Corporal Brad Woods gives back to his community

Corporal Brad Woods has been with NCPD for a little more than ten years. Cpl. Woods has worked as a patrol officer, was on the S.P.E.E.D. Team, as well as the Neighborhood Resource Officer Unit. In his spare time, he volunteers as an assistant baseball coach for the City of North Charleston. Cpl. Woods has coached the Dixie Majors Baseball team for North Charleston every summer for the last 17 years. In that time, he has helped lead his team to 13 state championship titles! Just this past July, he and his team won their 9th Dixie Majors World Series title in Sterlington, Louisiana. He thoroughly enjoys giving back and doing his part to guide and teach the young kids in our community. Cpl. Woods, thank you for all you do! #PathForward