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NCPD celebrates National Administrative Professionals Day

Join us in celebrating National Administrative Professionals Day at NCPD today!
Today marks a special occasion to spotlight the exceptional individuals who form the backbone of our daily operations. At NCPD, we are privileged to have a team of highly efficient and organized administrative professionals who not only ensure our internal offices run seamlessly but also extend their support beyond the call of duty to assist our officers and other staff members. Their unwavering dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed, and their contributions keep the wheels of our agency turning smoothly.
So, let’s come together to salute our administrative professionals and show them the appreciation and recognition they deserve. Through small gestures, kind words, and continued support, let’s ensure they feel valued not just today but every day.
Here’s to our administrative professionals at NCPD – thank you for everything you do!
Not Pictured:
Natasha Ferguson
Candy Dozier-Johnson
Regina Bauer
Casey Terrell
Tanya McCargo