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NCFD’s June’s Employee of the Month

NCFD is proud to announce June’s Employee-of-the-Month is awarded to Firefighter Brianna Miller.

“Based on the following recommendation from Captain James Burton, it is my pleasure to recognize you as “Employee-of-the-Month” for June 2021 with my appreciation for your outstanding demonstration of our organizational values as described below.”FF Miller always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude for the day ahead. Firefighter Miller shows those around her what it means to serve the citizens of North Charleston and her peers through our departments mission, vision and values.I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Firefighter Brianna Miller for employee of the month.  On July 2, 2021 Firefighter Brianna Miller took it upon herself to assist with performing the yearly visual inspection of all the dive cylinders.  This task not only included fire but police as well. This involved a thorough visual inspection of all cylinders, accompanied by an inside and outside cleaning, as well as documentation paperwork and then refilling. This is normally something that is outsourced and isn’t required for employees to complete. This assistance allowed the dive team and City of North Charleston to allocate funds to another area within the marine division.

Firefighter Miller not only learned something new but is now qualified to pass these skills on to others. Firefighter Miller strives to do her best and is always fighting towards the front to be first in any activity going on in the firehouse with her fellow crewmembers.