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NCFD to test hydrants during March

The North Charleston Fire Department will be conducting hydrant testing throughout the City of North Charleston in the month of March, beginning Wednesday, March 1, 2017.   Firefighters will flow water from each hydrant in the city to ensure that the hydrant functions properly and that adequate water will be available in the event of a fire.

Firefighters will be posting signs in the neighborhoods to inform residents that hydrant testing is in progress.  Firefighters will be as careful as possible to minimize damage to lawns or landscaping from the flow of water.  Despite all precautions, there is the possibility that sediment from the water system may become visible in residential tap water.  If residents encounter discolored water they should run the faucet in their homes until the water runs clear.  The North Charleston Fire Department thanks residents in advance for their understanding as we perform this required task to ensure the safety of our City.

The Fire Department will provide a product called Red-B-Gone to residents who experience the dis-colorization of laundry, dishes or appliances due to rust and sediment in the water.  Residents can call  843 740-2616, and the Fire Department will deliver it to them free-of-charge.

If you encounter any other problems with your water, please contact your water department.  Charleston Water System can be reached at (843) 727-6800 or Dorchester County Water and Sewer Department may be reached at (843) 832-0075.