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NCFD Engineer Dunn and Firefighter Marshall receive Chief’s coin

North Charleston Fire Chief Greg Bulanow reserves a special recognition for his personnel that go above and beyond the call of duty, whether it be extraordinary life-saving actions, efforts to improve the overall department or exceptional behavior observed by an individual outside of the organization. Chief Bulanow sparingly presents the Chief’s Coin when these instances occur.

On November 13, Engineer Joseph Dunn and Firefighter Andrew Marshall took those exceptional steps, as recorded in a letter to Chief Bulanow from Sgt. Jared Hershberger with Charleston County EMS:

Today, November 13, 2015, I responded to a medical call along with Squad 203, which was staffed by Engineer Joseph Dunn and Firefighter Andrew Marshall. The patient we cared for was a young man who was in critical condition. Dunn and Marshall immediately gave an excellent patient turnover report, demonstrated genuine compassion for the patient, enabled us to provide appropriate care, and offered continued assistance during our emergent transport.

After we transferred care, Dunn and Marshall met us at the hospital on their own accord. They provided further patient information that was important to our patient care report. What was most impressive is that they sought feedback regarding the care they provided prior to our arrival to the scene. They inquired as to how they could have done better for the patient and us. In my short time in EMS, I do not recall any first responders asking how they could have provided better patient care and assistance to the medic crew. Their inquiry illustrates their desire to maintain and improve upon an already high standard of care, which plays a pivotal part every day.

Chief, I have always truly enjoyed serving alongside North Charleston Fire Department firefighters. Engineer Dunn and Firefighter Marshall are the epitome of the professionalism that, for me personally, defines North Charleston Fire Department. I am sincerely proud to serve with them.


Sgt. Jared Hershberger, MPA, NRP
Charleston County EMS