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Mayor Keith Summey squares off against County Chairman Teddie Pryor, Summey vows victory

Last year, a competition was born. A competition between two public officials. One the Chairman of County Council, the other the Mayor of North Charleston. A cordial bout between two gentlemen to collect cute, plush bears for the children of our community.  A fun competition to see who could collect the most Teddie Bears or Keithy Bears.

Times have changed.  It was a dark Thursday night in Charleston County’s Public Service Building when the esteemed Teddie Pryor sprung a trap on Mayor Keith Summey.  As Mayor Summey entered the building, he was inhumanely showered with Teddie Bears from the floors above with no regard to the feelings of our poor plush friends.

In the words of Sun Tzu, “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”  Although Mr. Pryor struck the first blow, Mayor Summey has analyzed his opponent and vows to collect more Keithy Bears.

Mayor Summey exclaimed, “Game on, Mr. Pryor.”

New bears may be donated at North Charleston City Hall at 2500 City Hall Lane, North Charleston, SC 29406 up to Christmas morning at 6:00 am.

All bears received during the challenge will supplement the gifts collected by Toys for Tots.  The toys will be sorted on December 23 with volunteering children selecting the individual gifts that children in needy homes will receive.  Toys will be delivered on Christmas Day.  The North Charleston Toys of Tots is the only affiliate in the United States to make deliveries on Christmas Day.

For more information, call Sgt. Gary Zimmer of the North Charleston Police Department at 843-740-5896.