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Know North Charleston, the Pin Map

Now you have an easy and convenient way to get to  over at the new North Charleston Pin Map.

Learn about how your street got its name, who the earliest settlers were, and historic locations within our City. The pins and their descriptions are compiled from scholarly articles, newspaper accounts, government studies and personal recollections.

Did you know that Dutton Avenue was named for resident J. Arthur Dutton who built his house on the wrong lot? Or that Corder Street was named for H.L. Corder who was the principal of Chicora High School from 1942 to 1958?

is designed to be interactive.  We invite you to contribute to the map by emailing [email protected] with information you may have about any of the categories listed. Your suggestions are also welcomed for new areas to be added.

Schools, churches, old drive-in movie locations, and diners are to added to the map and will be profiled as it expands.