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Excel Apparatus accreditation indicative of company’s success

Excel Apparatus recently received a major accreditation in their field from the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), validating the company’s success while operating on the former navy base over the last 18 years.

Excel was one of the first companies to “buy-in” after the base closed and the shipyard was privatized, opening with 8 employees.  Today they employ 39.  Their business and growth is indicative of the larger accomplishment of private development and jobs that have occurred on the navy base since closure in the mid 90s.  When the Navy left town, so went a great number of jobs, which were mostly federal.  Many of the private companies that started or moved to the base and shipyard have seen tremendous growth.

Excel is one of three electrical shops in the United States to receive the accreditation, which took two rigorous years to earn.  The accreditation is set to open an increased customer-base and additional work, and in turn, more employees.

For some time now, the feds have pushed regulations that existing electrical motors cannot be repaired, with a big lobby behind this from electrical motor manufactures.  The lobby claims that repaired electrical engines have reduced efficiency.  The accreditation is an effort by the EASA to prove that a shop can in fact repair electrical motors to the equivalent efficiency, and in some cases, improve efficiency.

Utilizing community assets and a local workforce, the company is working with Trident Tech to take students directly after certificate completion from the college.  Also, through Trident, apprenticeships are being offered for high school students to come into Excel for workplace experience in the field.

Excel falls in line with the resurgence of manufacturing and hands on labor in the US.  In addition, they have been a part of the turnaround of the navy base from large single federal employer to a large employment base of many companies.

To learn more about Excel, visit http://excelapparatus.com/.  Excel is located at the shipyard on the former navy base at CMMC, http://www.cmmcllc.com/.