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David Hardwick named NCFD’s employee of the month

A fire inspector must possess certain knowledge, skills, and abilities when performing fire inspections.  In addition, an inspector must also be able to persuade occupants to alter an unsafe condition through education and providing sufficient information on how to correct the unsafe condition.

Fire Inspector David Hardwick did a routine fire inspection at a commercial business located on Rivers Avenue on October 1, 2014, during the inspection, he noted that the circuit breakers in the breaker panel box were hot to touch and noted this on his report and brought this to the attention of the manager.  He explained to the manager that when a circuit breaker is in this condition, it is a sign of a serious electrical problem warranting a need for licensed electrician to come in and check the electrical panel.

Fire Inspector went back to business on October 15, 2014 to perform a follow up inspection on the previous violations that he had noted during his initial inspection.  During the second inspection, Inspector Hardwick was approached by the manager who showed him two circuit breakers that the electrician had removed from the breaker panel box.  The manager explained that the circuit breakers were burnt through, melted, and damaged from heat. The electrician who replaced the circuit breakers also noted that it was just a matter of time before the breakers failed and possibly could have started a fire.

It is very rare that an inspector gets a thank you from a business owner for a violation.  Since the initial inspection at the business; they brought the electrician back in to replace the entire breaker panel box. He found an additional damaged circuit breakers that had to be replaced as well.

Fire Inspector David Hardwick continues to display his dedication to the City of North Charleston, through his service to the business owners and residents of this great city.  His diligence and drive to go above and beyond duty, the zeal he has for this profession, and his commitment to teamwork in sharing all he learns with other inspectors has proven to be remarkable qualities that he displays from day to day.