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Damage assessments ongoing, but citizen help needed

North Charleston officials and inspectors have begun damage assessments, but citizen participation is needed.  With over 42,000 housing units in North Charleston, it is very difficult for inspectors to be aware of all damage caused by Hurricane Ian. 

City officials are asking residents to report damage or water intrusion of any degree.  Citizens can report here: 


Reportar Daños por Huracanes

After notified, city inspectors will document damage with a home visit and will perform a life safety inspection to ensure no hazards exists within the damaged structure.  For property with damage already observed from initial drive-through assessments, inspectors will approach the home and ask the resident to enter for a proper assessment. 

Documentation of all damage within the City is in accordance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Assessments must be documented for disaster declarations, which may lead to federal assistance. 

Even if damaged homes are insured by general homeowner insurance or flood insurance, the properties need to be assessed.