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Cpt. David Reindollar named NCFD Employee of the Month

To become Employee of the Month in the North Charleston Fire Department, one must be nominated by a superior for exemplary work, selfless actions that directly benefit a resident’s life or the safekeeping of a business, or undertaking additional self-motivated activities to aid in the improvement of the fire department.

The following is Assistant Chief Matt McDowell’s nomination submission for Captain David Reindollar:

Captain David Reindollar has spent countless hours throughout the last year working to improve the burn building at the Training Academy. Though much of the work has been coordinated, some of it has been initiated as a result of him identifying a need and taking the initiative to address it.

This work includes repairing the burn basket, adding a liner to the burn room walls, adding a door and window to the burn room, replacing all of the wooden window inserts with custom metal inserts and installing a thermocouple system to monitor conditions inside the burn building.

All of this work will increase the effectiveness and safety in our live fire training and will help to protect the tremendous asset we have with our burn building.

This work demonstrates Captain Reindollar’s dedication to the department, attention to detail and outstanding work ethic.  No matter how strenuous the task, challenging the timeline or terrible the weather, he completes the work with a smile on his face and always offers to do more.

It is because of this initiative, leadership and dedication that I am recommending Captain Reindollar for Employee of the Month.