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Brad Wade named NCFD Employee of the Month

To become Employee of the Month in the North Charleston Fire Department, one must be nominated by a superior for exemplary work, selfless actions that directly benefit a resident’s life or the safekeeping of a business, or undertaking additional self-motivated activities to aid in the improvement of the fire department.

The following is from the nomination letter from Captain Charles Springs nominating Assistant Chief Brad Wade:

I take this opportunity to recommend Assistant Chief Wade for Employee of the Month on behalf of all members of Station 2. Assistant Chief Wade has routinely shown his commitment to North Charleston Fire Department and all of our employees through his actions. Several recent events truly showcase this commitment.

On May 19, 2015 during a large commercial fire at Sonoco Recycling, two incidents occurred during operations. First, during fire suppression operations, Captain Hall’s boot sole separated. In addition to all of the things that were needed at that fire, Assistant Chief Wade took the time to bring him another pair.  Second, after hours on scene and well into fire suppression operations, Tower 202 blew a radiator hose. I was informed that Assistant Chief Wade personally came out to the scene and assisted the crew with repairs to the truck in the early morning hours of May 20.

I have also personally witnessed him sacrifice his time for the department. On June 4, 2015 while engaged in fire suppression operations at a fully involved two story house on Elder Street, Tower 202 blew another radiator hose. Assistant Chief Wade came to the scene at approximately 4:00 AM and once more, assisted the crew with repairs personally. This allowed Tower 202 to remain in service, which kept the crew from having to drive across the city to secure a reserve unit in the early morning hours.

Actions like these truly demonstrate what it means to be devoted to the department, as well as its employees. His actions are greatly appreciated by everyone assigned to Station 2, as well as the other members of the North Charleston Fire Department.

It is for these reasons that I recommend Assistant Chief Wade for Employee of the month.  He remains a true example of what it means to live our department’s core values.