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Benjamin Dye named NCFD employee of the month

To become Employee of the Month in the North Charleston Fire Department, one must be nominated by a superior for exemplary work, selfless actions that directly benefit a resident’s life or the safekeeping of a business, or undertaking additional self-motivated activities to aid in the improvement of the fire department.

The following is Engineer James Burton’s nomination submission for Firefighter Benjamin Dye:

I nominate Firefighter Benjamin Dye for Employee of the month.  Firefighter Dye has been an exceptional employee for this department and for the citizens it serves. The tremendous pride he takes in this profession is on display on a daily basis.  He is someone who lives and breathes this job while both on and off duty.   Firefighter Dye is never late, always early and usually the last to leave. If a hand is needed, Firefighter Dye is always there to help and train his coworkers.

Firefighter Dye was a very important part of the Charleston County Joint Recruit School this past year as a Physical Fitness Instructor. This included many early mornings coming in to lead the physical fitness program for the recruits.  The strength and conditioning training that he provided helped ensure that the recruits were physically able to perform at a high level upon graduation from recruit school.

Firefighter Dye has been a Backup Driver for this department for many years and can be counted on to perform at a very high level in this role.  He is currently in the process of preparing himself to advance in rank through the promotional process.

Firefighter Dye offers himself to work extra on a regular basis to help ensure that adequate staffing is available.  Also, Firefighter Dye has recently volunteered to join the Dive Team, which requires many hours of training during both on and off duty.

During recent flooding incidents, his contribution to this team provided a vital asset to the department and to citizens in need of help.

It is for this reasons that I believe Firefighter Dye is worthy of recognition as Employee of the Month.