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75 years ago on Independence Day, July 1943

The Women’s Auxiliary Army Corp was converted to full status, Allied forces attacked the Japanese-held Solomon Islands, and the first residents arrived at a newly constructed “secret” town in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. A few of the stories in the , the Charleston Navy Yard’s newspaper.  The paper exclaimed “A New Declaration of Independence” and encouraged its readers to celebrate the Fourth of July by investing in War Bonds!

Our Archives has a nearly complete collection of past issues of shipyard and base newspapers, some of which date back to 1918.  In this issue you will read about a sailor who was torpedoed, a mother with six sons in service who went to work to do her part, and lots of interesting goings in the shops.

This 75-year-old paper has lots of stories to tell.  If you, or someone you know, has photos, artifacts, or items from the base, businesses, schools and churches that will help tell people seventy-five years from now about life in North Charleston, please contact [email protected].