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Concurrent solo exhibitions of paintings by Kevin Morrissey and photographs by Cody Mathews on display at Park Circle Gallery

The City of North Charleston’s Cultural Arts Department is pleased to announce that concurrent solo exhibitions of paintings by Kevin Morrissey (Summerville, SC) and photographs by Cody Mathews (Charleston, SC) will be on display at Park Circle Gallery from September 6-30, 2023. A free reception hosted by the artists will be held at the gallery on Friday, September 8, from 5:00-7:00pm. The public is invited to attend. 

Sanctuary – Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings by Kevin Morrissey
In Sanctuary, Kevin Morrissey presents a series of acrylic and mixed media paintings that depict animals juxtaposed over large flat silhouettes of architectural structures set within atmospheric color fields and environments. Creating both tension and harmony, the imagery explores how environment and experiences influence our understanding of identity, both our own and of others. The works in this series intend to express the conflict in coexisting dualities of faith and doubt, free will and predestination, wealth and wisdom, sin and salvation, and the durability of grace. “These things are not mutually exclusive, separate, or necessarily antagonistic of each other.  Rather, they often exist together, simultaneously in the same event, our understandings, and our responses to life events,” Morrissey explains.  While each artwork has specific inspirations behind them, they are not easily summarized. The viewer is encouraged to read, reflect, and discuss these works with those around them. “The end goal is to hopefully create a piece in which viewers see a little bit of themselves and others in the animals,” Morrissey says.

Kevin Morrissey lives and works in the Lowcountry of South Carolina as a teaching artist. He earned a BFA in Arts Education from Winthrop University in 2003, taught visual art at Rollings Middle School of the Arts from 2003-2018, and has been the art teacher at Fort Dorchester High School since 2018. His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout the Southeast, nationally, and internationally. Morrissey is a member and presenter of the South Carolina Arts Education Association & National Arts Education Association and a board member for Public Works Art Center in Summerville. See the artist’s work on Instagram at @clawbearclaw.

Salted Solitude – Photographs by Cody Mathews
Cody Mathews’ Salted Solitude features a collection of photographs that look to characterize and share the feeling of surfing, while exploring the southern sun. Focusing on silhouettes and shadows allows the viewer to imagine themselves, or anyone, in the moment. “I’ve also found that it doesn’t hurt to live in one of the most beautiful coastal regions in the country as well,” says Mathews. “This not only lets me create images driven by my goal on a consistent basis but shows off the beauty of Charleston and its surrounding beaches.” Using the natural palette of Charleston’s sunrises and sunsets, Mathews melds the vibrant colors that isolate surfers and creates scenes that strip away everything but the act itself.

Cody Mathews grew up near Virginia Beach with a love of water that soon translated into surfing. An early passion for art and photography found him eventually marrying his two interests. With the use of his parent’s Olympus OM he set out to experience the sport he loved through a camera lens. After decades of capturing photographs from land, Mathews took the dive into water photography in pursuit of new angles and views when he settled in the Lowcountry in 2019. Since then, he has exhibited his work in group exhibitions throughout Charleston. Learn more about the artist at www.codymathphotography.com.

The Park Circle Gallery is located at 4820 Jenkins Avenue in North Charleston. Admission is free and free street parking is available on Jenkins Avenue in front of the gallery, as well as on the adjacent streets and in parking lots close by. Gallery hours are 11:00am-6:00pm Wednesday-Friday, and Noon-4:00pm on Saturday. For more information about PCG, call 843-637-3565 or email [email protected]. For information on other Cultural Arts programs and artist opportunities, visit the Arts & Culture section of the City’s website.