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Chicora Elementary School

North Charleston entered into an agreement with Metanoia to revitalize the former Chicora Elementary School. Metanoia sets to reactivate the school into a non-profit and incubators space, coupled with an early childhood education center and art space.  In addition, the school’s large auditorium will become a performing arts center for public use.

Prior to the partnership, the City acquired the former elementary school in a land swap with Charleston County School District.  In order to provide the community with a new elementary school, the city purchased and donated the land at the site of the new Chicora Elementary School of Communication.

Metanoia’s award winning approach to community development involves discovering and growing the assets of communities often stereotyped as purely deficient.  Metanoia invests in neighborhood assets to build leaders, establish quality housing and generate economic development. For more information visit www.pushingforward.org.

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