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STAND Requirements & Rules

The STAND Program is a voluntary program for those individuals who seek to change their lives. The program is built on a concept of hard-work, honesty, commitment, responsibility and accountability. Upon an applicant’s request to be considered for the STAND Program, the coordinator will complete a STEP Assessment.

The assessment is a brief overview of the applicant’s personal information, family and work history, education, drug/alcohol abuse and/or distribution, mental and criminal history. The assessment will guide the Taskforce in understanding the needs and history of the participant and his/her family. The assessment is required prior to entry into the program. The Taskforce will convene to determine the eligibility of the applicant into the program. The Taskforce will decide the programs based on the STEP Assessment.  An evaluation of the participant’s progress will be completed to determine if additional programs are needed for optimal success.

The following forms must be completed in order to be considered for the STAND Program.

Requirements & Rules consent form

STEP Assessment Questionnaire