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LGBTQ+ Liaison Unit

In 2022, the North Charleston Police department appointed LGBTQ+ Liaisons to better serve and represent the community and officers within our agency. This agency supports inclusive practices and full representation of all our residents. The liaisons are available as peer support for the officers and a point of contact for residents that are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

If you have any questions or concerns for the liaisons, please email [email protected]

Or call 843-822-1086

The LGBTQ+ Liaisons also manage the Safe Place initiative adopted by the agency in 2023. The North Charleston Police department is the 343rd agency in the world to adopt and implement this program. This concept was developed by the Seattle Police Department in 2015 to assist the victims of Hate Crimes and Student Bullying. The Safe Place logo is a trademarked logo and owned by the Seattle Police Department, and with permission it permits licensing to other Law Enforcement agencies. The logo is a law enforcement sponsored concept that enhances public education regarding the reporting of hate crimes. This is achieved by forming an active collaboration between the police, businesses, social organizations & schools. SPD Safe Place is designed to assist in making communities a safer place to live and has been adopted by over 275 law enforcement jurisdictions throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe

The Safe Place program is a partnership between the Police Department and businesses. It gives victims of bias or hate crimes a Safe Place to go after their incident, where the business will give them shelter while they call for help.

This program does two things. First, it lets your patrons know where you stand on bias and hate crimes because hate has no place in our communities. But more importantly, it says to any victim: That no matter your background or status you will be heard, you will be treated with care, dignity, and respect from the business you enter, as well as from the Police Officers who respond out to investigate. It starts the long process of empowering the victim to report their incident to the Police so we can properly investigate the crime. Suspects depend on putting and keeping the victims and the community in fear, allowing them to further victimize others. Standing up to these suspects gets them off the street and strengthens your community!

For more information about the Safe Place initiative or your business would like to participate, please email [email protected]