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Cops Athletic Program

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The North Charleston Police Department Cops Athletic Program provides an opportunity for school-aged children to interact with police officers in a non-traditional way, building and bolstering positive relationships.  CAP programs promote broader participation in athletics and academics, while encouraging leadership development through activities led and coached by North Charleston Police Departments. CAP targets youth unable to secure transportation and funds for participation in traditional athletic programs.  A broad cross-section of CAP activities include Powder Puff football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, martial arts, spelling bees, lacrosse, step team, Black History Month, soccer, golf, among others. CAP aims to inspire, educate and empower the young minds within our community with positive, lifelong educational experiences.


Battle of the Badges Flag Football

North Charleston Police Department (NCPD) vs. North Charleston Fire Department (NCFD)

2017 NCPD Police win again!!!

C.A.P. Black History Month Program

The CAP Black History Month program reaches out to hundreds of school age students in the city of North Charleston in the month of February.  Through this educational program 4th and 5th grade elementary students compete in an essay writing contest. At the end of the month, we host a celebration ceremony where students are introduced to lively discussions and film clips, praise dancers, an arts and crafts fair, poetry monologues, musical tributes, and African drummers.  During the celebration, community members and police officers receive awards and are recognized for their individual achievements and contributions to the community.

Step Team Competition

CAP Step Team finished its first season on Good Friday, April 14 in Columbia, SC.  The team competed in the Stop the Violence Step Competition.  The Northwood’s Park Little Angels brought home the 1st place trophy and a $200 cash prize.  Felix Pinckney brought home a 2nd place trophy.  Way to go CAP Step Team.


Lacrosse is a team sport that uses a lacrosse stick and ball.  Players carry the ball in the net of the stick and can pass, catch and shoot the ball into a goal.  Lacrosse was introduced into C.A.P. in 2017 and proved to be very successful. The program is for Elementary School boys and girls age 10 and 11. Our program begins in March and runs through the beginning of May.


Karate was introduced into C.A.P.’s in 2014 at Chicora Elementary Wings after school program where 50 students had an opportunity to participate.  In 2015 and 2016 the karate program expanded into Military Magnet with 25 middle and high school students participating.  In 2017 Goodwin Elementary school came on board with 22 new students.  Participants in karate wear a C.A.P karate uniform.  During testing they break boards, show off their new moves, and earn a karate belt.  Karate is a spring sport that takes place during April and May.


T-ball is a team sport where children age 4 to 6 develop baseball game skills.  Our games are played during the spring.  C.A.P T-Ball began in 2016.  In 2017, 25 four and five-year old students participated in games at Wescott and Pepperhill.

Spelling Bee

C.A.P Spelling Bee takes place during the summer.  Students compete from their individual North Charleston Summer Camp locations.  Approximately 1,000 students compete against each other for a chance to attend the championship.  The final competition, which is held at City Hall in the Council Chambers, consists of 19 first place winners from each summer camp.   Thousands tuned in to Facebook to watch the competition which is streamed live.


C.A.P Basketball is a summer program consisting of 6 teams with 12 players.  It’s offered to boys age 12-15.  All games take place in the North Charleston High School gym every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  During the regular season, an MVP from each team is awarded an outstanding player medal. Teams compete in single elimination rounds in the play-offs and vie for a chance to win the coveted championship ring.

Powder Puff Football

C.A.P Powder Puff football kicks off the season in September.  Schools currently in the program are Ft. Dorchester, Hanahan, Summerville, Ashley Ridge, North Charleston, Garrett Academy, Stall, and Military Magnet.  Military Magnet won the first season in 2014.  Ft. Dorchester and Hanahan High Schools entered the 2nd season.  Ft. Dorchester has dominated the league since joining.  New to the league in 2017 were Ashley Ridge and Summerville High Schools which brought the participant total up to 240 players. The season runs from September through October.  The final championship game is held each year in November at CSU.  The Powder Puff program finishes up with a banquet to recognize the outstanding players and championship team.

Soccer Clinic

More information coming.  Check back soon.

Basketball Tournament

C.A.P Baseball tournament occurs on the 3 weekend of October each year.  50 teams compete in 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U with a total of 500 players.  Competition is held at Wescott, KapStone Park, Gahagan and Pepperhill. Awards are provided to each division including runner-up, sportsmanship, and championship.  This program is about cops, kids, and community teaming up to make a difference.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a sport that consists of 6 players on each team with five skaters and 1 goalie.  Currently we reach approximately 25 students per season age 12 and under.  Our players interact with police officers and coaches from the CYHA youth hockey programs.  One of the goals of our program is to provide a transition path for youth players to continue in the sport of hockey through scholarships.

CAP hockey receives donated equipment from CYHA.  Through our partnership with CYHA, we receive a seasonal grant which is used to buy ice time at the Carolina Ice Palace.  Hockey begins in late October and runs through early spring.  Our season ends with players and coaches skating during intermission at the Stingrays game.

Step Competition Team

Stepping, a form of African and Caribbean dance, began in the 1900’s by African American fraternities and sororities.  This form of dance uses moves from tap and break dance, gymnastics, and military drill.  The body is used as an instrument that makes rhythmic sounds through steps, claps, and spoken words.  CAP Step team season begins in October and runs through early spring. In 2018, our STEP team is going to perform during Powder Puff ½ time.