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About the Department

The North Charleston Police Department is proud to serve in the State’s 3rd largest city.  The Police Department’s job is more than answering calls after a crime has occurred. Effective policing is working with the community to prevent crime and solve community problems. Citizen participation and residents taking ownership in neighborhood issues are key characteristics of safe and vital communities. We invite everyone in our community to be a partner in making North Charleston a GREAT place to live, work  and play. You can participate by being an observant neighbor, attend your neighborhood association meetings, and stay abreast of community issues.  Participate at a neighborhood school or in neighborhood activities.

Meet our Chief

Our Organizational Values are:

  • To protect the life and property of our citizens
  • To maintain the trust of our community through honesty, compassion and fairness
  • To adhere to the highest ethical standards of personal and professional conduct
  • To respect the rights of all citizens and fellow employees
  • To respect our differences and recognize that diverse backgrounds bring strength to our community
  • To work in partnership with our community by seeking their input, responding to their concerns and resolving problems
  • To encourage innovation, creativity and positive thinking

Racial Bias Audit

The City of North Charleston has recognized the need for an organizational assessment and racial bias audit of the NCPD, including a thorough review of protocols, practices, and behaviors. This review will culminate in a report with findings, observations, and recommendations for policy, procedure, and structural changes to NCPD to ensure that the department uses best practices and sound policies and procedures in all phases of its work.

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