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Employee Recognition


NCFD is proud to announce September’s Employee-of-the-Month is awarded to Engineer Benjamin Dye.

“Based on the following recommendation from Deputy Chief Matt Rhoton, it is my pleasure
to recognize you as “Employee-of-the-Month” for September 2023 with my  appreciation for
your outstanding demonstration of our organizational values as described below.

Throughout his time at North Charleston Fire Depa1tment, Engineer Ben Dye has proven
himself a steadfast example of our organizational values.

Dye could easily be recognized for his displays of honor. He routinely upholds the noble traditions of the fire service ensuring that the best parts are shared and celebrated. He is equally eager to apply lessons learned so that we all improve. Likewise, Dye could be recognized for his compassion. There is no question about his willingness to serve in a time of need. Whether picking up an unfilled shift or deploying as part of SCTF-1, Dye routinely goes above and beyond to serve.

This recommendation, however, is to highlight the ways Engineer Dye exhibits the value of courage.  On multiple occasions, he has proven his courage to operate on the fireground under adverse conditions, always pushing forward to complete the mission. Dye has been recognized for several of these including medical calls that have turned violent and fires with civilian rescues. Perhaps moist courageous though is the sharing of his personal story during the recent Emergency Services Behavioral Health Summit hosted by the Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team.

Dye set the example for how to address a tough topic. He courageously spoke to a room full of public safety professionals from around the Southeast. Encouraging the use of various programs, Dye impacted countless individuals through his message normalizing the discussion about mental health and acknowledging that it is ok to ask for help.

For his continued advocacy of firefighter mental health and the courage to share his story, I
would like to recommend Engineer Ben Dye be considered for Employee of the Month.”

-Fire Chief Gregory Bulanow