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Congratulations to Engineer Zachary Borowsky for being recognized as July’s Employee of the Month.  Chief Bulanow, in his memo, wrote the following: 

“Based on the following recommendation from Deputy Chief Stephanie Julazadeh, it is my pleasure to recognize you as “Employee-of-the-Month” for July, 2020 with my appreciation for your outstanding demonstration of our organizational values as described below.

I am nominating Engineer Zachary Borowsky as NCFD’s Employee of the Month for his professional response to a complex vehicle accident with multiple entrapments. His actions displayed honor for his profession and courage to lead in a time of life or death. Fire department administration received two letters acknowledging Engineer Borowsky’s professional and effective response to the incident.

On May 13, 2020 at 11pm, multiple NCFD units were dispatched to Highway 78 for a complicated motor vehicle accident. The MVA included multiple entrapments, persons ejected, power lines down and a utility pole affecting the passenger compartment of a vehicle. Ladder 204 was staffed with Captain Ranucci (working extra duty), Engineer Zachary Borowsky, Firefighter Stephen Sadler, and Firefighter George LeMacks. Engine 209 and EMS arrived on scene. Engine 209 advised dispatch that there were five patients with two heavily entrapped in a vehicle. EMS requested additional units and an additional engine was requested for manpower. Ladder 204 arrived on scene and assessed the entrapments. Ladder 204 crew worked to free the two entrapped patients. They were freed from the vehicle and transported by EMS to the hospital.

A Charleston County paramedic wrote “NCFD personnel were amazing. They had their hands full with a difficult extrication and were still more than willing to provide us with hands and drivers when asked.” A NCFD crew member wrote “Engineer Borowsky shared his goals with command staff and was able to effectively communicate his intentions with less-experienced members of his crew. Because of his calm and professional demeanor, Ladder 204 was able to accomplish numerous tasks which greatly

influenced the outcome of the incident. He constantly moved between his crew members to offer guidance, advice and to make sure they were focused on the task at hand.”

Finally, a NCFD crew member wrote “Engineer Zachary Borowsky demonstrated high-levels of professionalism, leadership, competency and compassion that not only display the core values of the North Charleston Fire Department but serves as a standard his firefighters aspire to achieve.” Because of his professional response and leadership on scene of a difficult incident, I recommend Engineer Zachary Borowsky as a North Charleston Fire Department Employee of the Month.”