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NCFD is proud to announce February’s Employee-of-the-Month is awarded to Engineer David Hull.

From Chief Bulanow…

Based on the following recommendation from Captain Ashley Uhlig, it is my pleasure

to recognize you as “Employee-of-the-Month” for February 2022 with my appreciation for your

outstanding demonstration of our organizational values as described below.

I would like to recognize Engineer David Hull for Employee of the Month for demonstrating the values of Honor, Courage and Compassion as stated in the mission statement of the NCFD.  Station 7 has a young boy that visits the station rather frequently. Engineer Hull has taken it upon himself to get to know this young boy and his family. He soon realized that they could use a little help in a time of need.  Engineer Hull took it upon himself to buy this boy a bicycle, but it didn’t stop there. While in the process of delivering the bike to the boy Engineer Hull noticed the house didn’t

have blinds for their windows. Engineer Hull and his family recently had purchased new ones for their home, and instead of throwing away his old ones, he took them to this family so they could use them. The young boy’s mother had also recently lost her phone and had no way of contacting family or reaching out to others in their time of need. Engineer Hull and his wife bought her a new one. Most recently Engineer Hull went to his house to give him a birthday present.  Engineer Hull and his family have not only taken their own time and money to help this child but also his family. This is a true example of our mission and values and demonstrates Honor, Courage and Compassion in every way for the citizens of North Charleston.  This truly is going above and beyond for our citizens which is why I recommend Engineer Hull for Employee of the Month.