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Youth Firesetter Intervention Program 

For children, interest in fire is natural, but setting fires is not.  And the consequences can be deadly.  Recent statistics show out of every 100 people who die in fires set by child, 85 are other children. The North Charleston Fire Department’s Youth Firesetter Intervention Program is committed to preventing future fire setting behavior.  The program counsels children and their families about fire safety with the goal of stopping firesetting behavior. It is based on the United States Fire Administration, NFA, Juvenile Firestter Intervention Specialist Program. 


The program is a collaborative effort between fire investigators, fire suppression personnel, the fire prevention division, law enforcement and mental health professionals. The firesetter can be referred to the program from any of the above agencies. In addition, the school district or juvenile justice system may refer a student to the program.  Parents can also volunteer to participate with their children.

A trained interviewer from the department can visit with the parent and child and assess the fire setting behavior and any challenges the child faces. A determination is made if the incident(s) was accidental, curiosity or the signs of a deeper issue, and then recommendations are made. An intensive fire prevention educational program is designed around the child’s age and fire event.  Referrals may be made to other agencies to further assist the child and family.

Questions about the program?

Contact Fire and Life Safety Educator Laura Kondor

843-740-2647 or [email protected]

Have a child that needs to be referred to the program?

Fill out the form and send it to FLSE Kondor:  NCFD Youth Firesetter Referral Form