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Fire Investigation Division

The Fire Investigation Division is responsible for the investigation of all fires that have a suspicious or undetermined cause and origin, and/or where injury and/or fire death has occurred. The Fire Investigations Division also works with all other law enforcement agencies dealing with the crime of arson.

The overall goal of this division is to conduct responsible investigations to determine origin, cause and circumstances of each fire involving loss of life and/or injury to persons or by which property has been destroyed or damaged. It is the intent of this division to determine if the fire is a result of carelessness or design.

The fire investigator will determine the fire’s cause to be one of the following categories:

• Incendiary (Arson): fires that are intentionally set under circumstances in which the person knows that the fire should not be ignited.
• Accidental: fires cause by non-malicious, electrical, mechanical, chemical, or careless means
• Undetermined: fires where the cause cannot or hasn’t been proven, the fire might still be under investigation, and the cause may be determined later.
• Natural:  involve fires caused without direct human intervention, such as lightning, earthquake, wind, etc.