The North Charleston Fire Department is divided into three sections: Operations, Administration and Professional Standards. Operations works on a 24/48 schedule, meaning shift firefighters are on-duty 24-hours and off-duty 48-hours.  Administrative and Professional Standards staff work a regular work week based on a 40-hour schedule.

Stations and Staff: The North Charleston Fire Department is more than 270 members strong serving a 79 square-mile area with more than 113,000 citizens and visitors.  There are 12 fire stations, 12 engines, 4 aerial trucks, 2 heavy rescues, and 2 squads vehicles.

Fire Suppression: NCFD provides a minimum response of six fire apparatus and 22 personnel to all structure fires. These resources meet recommendations from the National Fire Protection Association. All NCFD Firefighters are highly trained and nationally certified at the Firefighter II level.

EMS: NCFD provides nationally certified EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) to respond to serious medical calls. These personnel are highly trained to provide life-saving care to those suffering from major injuries or medical conditions.

Hazardous Materials: NCFD provides highly trained technicians to respond to hazardous material emergencies. These technicians are trained to identify dangerous hazardous materials to quickly evacuate residents to safety. The technicians have special protective gear and equipment so that they can contain spills or stop leaks that would endanger the public.