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Bill Payment & Accounts Payable

Payment of Bills

All bills and invoices are paid in accordance with the terms established through purchase orders issued or contracts entered into by the City. If no terms are stated on the invoice, then it is the general policy of the Finance Department to pay such amounts due the vendor within 30 days.

Accounts Payable

Responsible for processing vendor invoices for payment of goods and services.


Employee/Dept Title Phone/Email
Cameron Brown Accounts Payable Clerk (843) 740-2640
Michella Niehrah Accounts Payable Clerk (843) 740-2631
Purchasing Accounts Payable Clerk [email protected]

Payments are due net 30 days from the date of the invoice.

For questions regarding your Storm Water Utility bill, please call (843) 202-6080. For questions regarding your vehicle or property tax bill, please contact your local county’s Treasurer’s Office.

Berkeley County Treasurer’s Office – (843) 723-3800 ext. 4040
Charleston County Treasurer’s Office – (843) 958-4360
Dorchester County Treasurer’s Office – (843) 832-0132