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Sign & Billboard Permit

Permit Application

Requirements needed to process sign application

*All signs (banner, temporary, ground, murals, window and wall etc.,) except for face changes begin in the Zoning Department (843) 740-2582. All Face Changes start in the Building Department (843) 740-2533.

  • Sign application with name, telephone number and address of job site, owner and contractor.
  • Accurate and scaled Site plan (showing the location of property line, building, parking areas, driveways, landscaped areas, utility poles, wires and existing proposed sign areas marked on the site
  • Accurate and scaled building elevation showing existing and proposed building signs
  • Accurate and scaled plans, details and samples showing the location, dimensions, type (size) of bolts, materials and illumination of the proposed sign
  • Existing and proposed sign area of each individual sign and the combined area of all signs (including those already existing or previously permitted) in relation to the maximum allowed sign area
  • The Landowner’s written consent to the proposed sign, which may be shown by signature on the application
  • A statement as to whether the sign is intended to be used for commercial messages and, if so, whether the messages(s) will qualify as “onsite or offsite “ or both, under the definitions of this article. Please see sample statement letter attached above.
  • A statement or graphical description as to whether the sign, or a part of it is to be used for changeable or changing copy
  • A statement or graphical description as to whether the proposed sign, or any part of it, is proposed to utilize any of the following physical methods of message presentation: sound or odor, smoke or fumes or steam, rotating or moving elements; activation by wind or forces air; neon or other fluorescing gases; flashing or strobe lighting; liquid crystal displays or other video-like methods; use of live animals or living persons as part of the display
  • A statement as to whether the property or parcel on which the sign is proposed to be erected or displayed, or any currently existing sign thereon, is the subject of any outstanding notice of zoning violation or notice to correct;
  • Photographs of the existing property, parcel and/or building on which the sign is proposed to be erected or displayed;
  • If the sign is to be illuminated, an electrical and lighting plan
  • In the applicant’s option, the graphical design of the proposed sign may be shown; however, this is not required and the City shall not consider this information as part of the decision process

Paperwork Building Department will need added with the information listed above

  • Contract/ proposal which includes detailed scope of work with job cost of materials and labor work
  • Type (size) of bolts ( 3/8 in and larger bolts required for all signs that equal to 32 sq. ft. or more)
  • Picture of new and existing sign showing measurements and type (size) of bolts
  • All signs (wall, ground etc.,) that is 32 sq. ft. and over need stamped engineer drawings.

****Engineer drawings must state 2015 IBC, electrical drawings (if applicable), Wind Zone, seismic category (alphabet only), picture of sign front and side view, measurements and type (size) of bolts being used, depth and width of hole. See Zoning Appendix A in municode.com, NEC 2014 for all electrical signs (see example above), 2015 IBC and Appendix H for Codes *****