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Sign & Billboard Permit

Permit Application

All signs need an application (Banner, temporary, ground, murals, window, awnings, directional and wall etc.,)

You must apply for each sign separately unless the sign is on the same façade.

The following information must be attached in the portal in attachment:

    • Contract/ proposal which includes detailed scope of work with job cost of materials and labor work
    • Measurements of the sign
      • Wall height and width of the face
        • Height and width of the façade where the sign will be located
      • Ground sign height and width of the face, height showing the length of sign, hole depth and width measurements
        • Site plan is needed showing the location of the sign and the measurements from property line to the sign.
    • Engineer stamped drawings is needed for sign face that is 35 sq. ft. and/or height 10 ft.
      • Make sure the stamped drawings show 2018 IBC, wind zone and seismic category (letter of the alphabet only not the formula)
    • Face change signs will need a picture of the existing sign and picture or drawings showing measurements of the new sign.
    • Electrical connections to sign must have an electrical application. An electrician must apply for the permit.

** 2021 IBC will be adopted and implemented January 1, 2023. **

Any questions about sign restrictions please go to municode.com.  

Pertinent overlays pertaining to signage.

Section 5-11. – Dorchester Road Corridor I district: Boundaries. The Dorchester Road Corridor I district shall include all parcels of land in the City of North Charleston that are in Dorchester County on the east side of the Ashley River.

Section 5-12. – Dorchester Road Corridor II district: Boundaries. The Dorchester Road Corridor II district boundaries shall be the Ashley River, the Mark Clark, the Norfolk Southern Rail line, Ashley Phosphate Road, and the Dorchester County line.

Section 5-13. – Ladson Road overlay district: Boundaries. The Ladson Road Overlay District boundaries shall be the Dorchester County line, Ashley Phosphate Road from the county line east to I-26, I-26 from Ashley Phosphate Road to Ancrum Road to include those properties abutting Ancrum Road, Ancrum Road to Ladson Road to include those properties abutting Ladson Road, Ladson Road to the Dorchester County line.

Section 5-14. – University Boulevard overlay district: Boundaries. The University Boulevard overlay district shall include all parcels of land south of Goose Creek, east of I-26, west of Rivers Avenue/US 52 and generally north of I-26, US 52 and US 78 Connector.

Section 5-18. – Rivers Avenue South overlay district:

Section 8-6. – Prohibited signs: The following signs are prohibited in all zoning districts unless otherwise indicated in this section

Section 8-11. – Signs not located in overlay district: Signs permitted in commercial districts and industrial districts: