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Office Trailer Permit


Section 3103 of 2012 Int’l Building Code – Temporary Structures

Permit Application

 Please attach the following information below with the application for review

  • Site/plot plans which show the use, location of  property line, parking spaces, landscaping, buffering
  • Drawings each page must be signed and sealed by a SC licensed or registered professional designer as required by state law  in compliance with 2015 IBC and all applicable codes. plans shall be complete and consist of architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, life safety, mechanical drawings (where any of these elements occur in proposed structure) and supportive data.
  • 2009 International Energy conservation Code information
  • Elevations Drawings and Certificate if applicable
  • Special inspections statement and schedule sheet, please include qualified inspections agency ( if applicable)

Required Documents to Obtain Permits

  • Building Application tracking ID# and/or address
  •  Landlord Consent
  • Letter of Authorization to pull permits if you are not the Contractor on the Contractor’s Card or Owner of property
  • Contractor’s license (state and local) card
  • Signed Contract indicating scope of work, cost of materials and labor
  • Is this office trailer permanent/ temporary? If so, How long will it stay on the property?
  • Master Permit number if applicable


For inspections contact appropriate inspectors located on Building Department Staff Directory.

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 am -9:00 am for the same day inspections
  • Monday – Thursday 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm for the next day inspections

Types of Inspections

  • Footing– Inspected by Building Department prior to any concrete pour.
  • Slab– After any plumbing and electrical slab inspections
  • Floor Framing- Prior to sheathing
  • Rough– After sub trades have had their rough inspection
  • Sheathing– After rough inspection and prior to insulation inspection
  • Insulation– After insulation is put in place
  • Final

Posting of Permit

Work requiring a permit shall not commence until the permit holder or his agents posts the permit card inside a permit box in a conspicuous place on the premise.  The permit shall be protected from weather and located in such position as to permit the Building Official or representative to conveniently make the required entries thereon.  No work can be done until a permit is issued.  The permit cards shall be maintained in position by permit holder until the certificate of Occupancy or Completion is issued by the Building Official.  Inspection(s) will not be done by an inspector if the job site is missing permit drawings and a permit box.

The permit holder must call in his/her own inspections unless an authorization letter has been sent prior to the Building Department from the sub-contractors/ owner giving general contactor the okay to call in their work.