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Fire Permits

Permit Application

The Fire Inspection Bureau is responsible for the issuing of the following permits but not limited to:  Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Standpipe, Fire Pump, Fire Service Underground, Hood Suppression, Specialized Suppression Systems.  Typically all fire and life safety systems within a building. This is in addition to all New Commercial Buildings and Interior Up-fits, solar panels, and Tent/Canopy permits.

Plan Submittals

All plan submittals must include the following:  Supplemental information, required drawings, and information in order to ensure a smooth and timely review process.  Submittals that are incomplete will be placed on “hold” until all needed materials have been received.

Plan Review

Upon receipt of complete plan submittal package, the plans will be assigned to a reviewer.  A review will typically be conducted within 14 business days of the submittal and correspondence provided on the status of the review.  Reviews for simple tent, canopy, or minor special event related permits will be conducted within 5 business days.

Please contact the Assistant Chief Fire Marshal David Ringley (843-740-2622) or Deputy Fire Marshal Wanda Miller (843) 740-2625 with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the fire permit process.

Permit approval and issuance

Once your plan is approved, you will receive an approval letter and an invoice.   The approval letter will have the fire inspector that you need to call for all inspections.  The invoice will need to be taken to the Finance Department to be paid. Once you pay for the permit, please come down to the fire department and your permit will be issued.

To track your projects and get a copy of the stamped plans, please go to sign up for the contractor side at: https://arc.northcharleston.org/contractors/ 

You must print a copy of the stamped approval to have on the job site, if not, the inspector can’t do a final inspection.

Posting of Permits

Work requiring a permit shall be not commence until the permit holder or his agents posts the permit inside a permit box, or in a conspicuous place on the job-site.  The permit shall be protected from weather and located in such a position as to permit the Fire Marshal or representative to conveniently make the required entries thereon.  No work can be done until a permit is issued.  The permit shall be maintained in position by the permit holder until the final inspections are completed.  Inspections will not be done by an inspector if the job site is missing the permit, and the stamped set approval of plans.

The following are required inspections:  If an inspection is not called for whether rough, final, etc. you are subject to lose City of State License.  This includes all new construction, renovations.  If the inspector has to gain access to the roof, it is your responsibility to provide a ladder.

It is the responsibility of the contractor to call the Fire Inspector who is responsible for the inspections at the job site.  Please refer to the approval letter that is received by contractor.