Transient Merchants

Consolidated License & Transient Merchant Application

A site must be approved as a “Transient Merchant Host Location” in order to be eligible for transient vendors to operate from the site. The owner of the property must complete the Transient Merchant Host Location Application. The application is good for one year unless ownership of the location changes. Ownership will be verified by the County Auditor’s Office website.

If a site is owned by a company, the applicant must provide to the City at the time of application a signed certification confirming that the applicant has the legal authority to submit the application.

In addition to the site being registered as eligible to host a transient merchant a separate application must also be made for each time a transient merchant proposes to commence operations on a site (“set-up application”). This separate “set-up application” shall be filed by the transient vendor. The application will include a proposed site plan and shall be accompanied by payment of a ten ($10) dollar administrative application fee.

The site inspection must be requested 24 hours prior to the set up.

Upon payment of the administrative fee accompanying a “set-up application” the applicant will be provided with (a) a copy of his /her application and (b) a receipt showing payment.

Merchants in possession of a copy of their application and receipt may operate in accordance with the application’s proposed activity unless notified by the City that the application has been denied.

Merchants shall at all times during operation maintain on site for inspection a copy of the application and associated receipt.

The site and set-up must comply with local building and electrical regulations