WHO writes the Comprehensive Plan?

Citizens of North Charleston

Public engagement is essential to the development of PRIME North Charleston. The whole community provides input that will inform the writing of the Plan. The community is instrumental to developing a shared vision and input on each element that will embody the Plan.

Thank you for your participation in our kick-off survey; we will be working on the synthesizing those responses and gathering additional data for the Comprehensive Plan.  Please check back with us soon for more information.

Community Stakeholders

Community stakeholders will be engaged in workshop sessions with the aim of gleaning information that is specific to areas such as economic development, civic, and education. The  community stakeholders provide specialized expertise on defined areas that will help inform the writing of PRIME North Charleston.

Planning Commission

One of the main responsibilities of the Planning Commission is to manage the research, development, and review of the Plan. This Plan is reviewed every 5 year for necessary updates and every 10 years for a full re-write.

The Commission endorses the final product (after at least one public hearing), but Council approves the final Plan (through ordinance process).

The Planning Commission will have members serve as the Steering Committee throughout the entirety of the planning process.

Staff and Technical Consultant Assistance

The City has retained Charleston Berkeley Dorchester County Council of Governments (BCDCOG) to provide technical and long-range planning expertise in the development and writing of PRIME North Charleston. BCDCOG has extensive experience in long-range planning, developing comprehensive plans, and offers a high level of technical expertise (i.e. GIS data, mapping, etc.) which will be used throughout the planning process.

The City’s Planning and Land Management Staff will administer the planning process. Staff will orchestrate the final product while managing the symbiotic relationship between the Steering Committee, staff, consultants, and the community to ensure that the final product is perfect.

Remember, every resident is an important stakeholder in the development of PRIME North Charleston! You are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible, offer your input in person or by written correspondence. You may track the Plan’s progress on this project website.