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Taxi Cab Regulations

All taxi cabs operating in the City of North Charleston are required by law to have an annual safety inspection prior to January 31.  Inspections can be scheduled through the NCPD Traffic Division 843-745-1077.

Current Taxi Cab Ordinance

Taxi-Chauffuer Permit Application

The Mayor and City Council have enacted an ordinance regulating the operating procedures of taxicabs in the City of North Charleston. Effective July 1, 2009, all taxicab drivers will be required to have a Taxi Driver’s Permit and an annual taxicab inspection, in addition to a City of North Charleston Business License. Applicants are required to obtain a copy of the complete ordinance. The ordinance is made available at the Taxi Regulatory Unit, the Business License Office.

Permit Process

The City of North Charleston Business License office provides the Taxicab Driver Permit application that all taxicab drivers must complete and submit with a $25 non-refundable fee. Appointments are required for issuance of a taxi license. Once submitted, photo identification is provided at the North Charleston City Hall at 4952 Centre Pointe Drive, Suite 100, North Charleston, SC 29418.  The $25 fee covers the two year North Charleston Taxicab Driver Permit, and photo identification. Drivers MUST supply a record check, which is not included in the fee.

Taxi or Chauffeur Applicant Requirements

  1. Each applicant for a taxi driver’s permit shall provide an application on form provided by the inspector. The application shall be completed by the applicant with all requested information and shall be signed and sworn to by the applicant.
  2. Any false statement made by an applicant in applying for a taxi driver’s permit shall invalidate the permit issued to such applicant.
  3. Each applicant shall provide a ten-year driving record from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.
  4. Each applicant shall provide the documented results of a nationwide criminal records check conducted by the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or other entity as approved by the inspector. Listed below is the permitted website. https://catch.sled.sc.gov/
  5. The applicant shall also be required to have fingerprints taken and to be photographed by the city police department, for identification purposes.
  6. A copy of the National Sex Offender query.
  7. All applicants for taxi drivers permits, renewal, transfer or replacement of such permits, shall pay a fee to the city of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for a two-year period. Replacements for lost, stolen, or defaced permits will be ten dollars ($10.00).

Certificate of Inspection

Before a Taxicab Driver Permit is issued to any taxicab owner, the owner of the taxicab, for which such permit is requested, at the cost of $25, shall deliver such taxicab to a place designated by the inspector for annual inspection. The inspector shall designate agents to inspect such taxicab and its equipment to ascertain whether such taxicab complies with the Taxicab Ordinance.

Owners must schedule their vehicle inspections with the City of North Charleston Taxi Regulatory Officer. You may schedule an appointment by calling 843-745-1077.

Requirements & Procedures

  • Taxicab drivers shall be at least 18 years of age, with no physical impairments or handicaps that would hinder safe operation of a vehicle.
  • Taxicab drivers are required to read, write, and speak English.
  • Be a person of good moral character and furnish as references the names of three (3) reputable persons who have known him personally and observed his conduct.
  • Taxi drivers must have a valid automobile driver’s license from the state highway department.
  • Taxicab drivers must be clean and presentable at all times.
  • Taxicab drivers’ permits will be displayed in the taxicab at all times for inspection by passengers and police officers.
  • If a Taxicab Driver Permit is denied or suspended, the $25 application fee is non-refundable.
  • Suspensions or revocations may be appealed in writing to the City of North Charleston Public Safety Committee.
  • Any taxicab operating within the corporate limits of the City of North Charleston without proper permits, inspection, and business license will be fined by the City of North Charleston Police Department or Taxi Regulatory Officer.

Taxi or Chauffeur Applicant Disqualifications

Taxicab Driver Permits may be denied or suspended for reasons including, but not exclusive, to the following:

  • Applicant that states automobile driver’s license or whose driver’s permit to operate a taxi is suspended, revoked, or has
  • Who is required to be listed on a sex offender
  • Who has previously been convicted of driving an automobile in a manner causing death to any person.
  • Who is addicted to alcohol or any
  • Whose driving record lists convictions of four (4) or more traffic moving violations in the previous twelve (12) months or is currently classified by any state as a habitual offender of motor vehicle
  • Who has any of the following convictions within the time specified below prior to the  application for the taxi drivers’ permit:
  • Any felony conviction within five (5) years from the date of release from any jail or prison as a result of the
  • Driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated within the previous three (3)
  • Any law, state or federal, relating to the use, possession, or sale of intoxicating liquors within the previous one (1)
  • Simple possession of marijuana within the previous one (1) year or possession of any  other controlled substance or illegal drug within the previous two (2)
  • A conviction of any law, municipal, state or federal, for prostitution, soliciting, procuring or promoting prostitution within the previous three (3)
  • Two (2) convictions for reckless driving within the previous five (5)
  • Any charges involving larceny or stealing within the previous three (3) years. (Ord. No. 2013-048, 8-8-2013)

Contact Information

NCPD Traffic Division
4952 Centre Pointe Drive, Suite 100
North Charleston, SC 29418
[email protected]

Business License Office

2500 City Hall Lane
North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 740-2639