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Employee Recognition

Congratulations to Engineer Chris Crankshaw for being named Firefighter of the Year for 2018.  Chief Bulanow, in his memo, wrote the following: 

“According to the Officers in his chain of command, Engineer Crankshaw has a proven track record of making well thought out and reliable decisions, and he also demonstrates a strong, natural leadership ability. Engineer Crankshaw consistently demonstrates a strong desire to elevate not only himself, but everyone around him to a higher standard of education, training, and performance. Engineer Crankshaw routinely schedules, prepares, and delivers advanced training to his crew. Often, Captains from other stations will contact Engineer Crankshaw and request his assistance in training their personnel and he is also diligent about providing training when he is temporarily assigned to other stations.

Engineer Crankshaw’s desire to serve doesn’t just stop at the fire station or on the fire scene, he also serves as a member of the apparatus committee and has helped oversee the task of hose testing for the entire department.  Engineer Crankshaw’s strive for excellence has earned him the honor of being the employee of the month, not once, but twice.

Earlier in the ceremony, Eng. Crankshaw and his crew were recognized with a unit citation for successfully evacuating three unresponsive residents from their smoke-filled home.  Eng. Crankshaw was the acting Captain of this crew and he is the one who recognized that they may have been sent to the wrong address.  His decision to investigate further, and determine and respond to the right address, was the decisive action that prevented loss of life at this incident.

For his consistent demonstration of our organizational values, and his decisive action in accordance with the mission of our department, I am pleased to recognize Eng. Christopher Crankshaw as the North Charleston Fire Department’s 2018, Firefighter of the year.”