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Employee Recognition

Congratulations to Firefighter Danyell Simmons for being recognized as February’s Employee of the Month.  Chief Bulanow, in his memo, wrote the following: 

Based on the following recommendation from Deputy Chief Stephanie Julazadeh, it is my pleasure to recognize Firefighter Danyell Simmons as “Employee-of-the-Month” for February, 2020 with my appreciation for the outstanding demonstration of our organizational values as described below.

Nomination from Deputy Chief Stephanie Julazadeh: 

“I am nominating Firefighter Danyell Simmons as NCFD’s Employee of the Month for her work to develop and implement the Fit to Fight Program. Firefighter Simmons participated in the physical training of the last firefighter recruit class.  She found that a lot of time and effort was focused on teaching correct form and technique when conducting basic physical fitness drills.  In addition, firefighter recruits struggled with meal planning and maintaining their physical health while participating in demanding physical training, classroom and firefighter skills training. She organized her program idea and presented it to me for review.  After verifying the program idea was possible and aligned with the needs of the recruit school, she worked to develop a schedule and course content for a pilot of the Fit ti Fight Program.

Firefighter Simmons implemented the Fit ti Fight Program in January of 2020 with two sessions.  Eight firefighter candidates volunteering to participate.  FF Simmons and FF Hughes provided instruction to firefighter candidates on exercise related to building strength, muscle endurance, and demonstrating proper form based on recruit school practices.  The next session included information on hydration, meal prepping, pre and post physical training nutrition, and planning a well-balanced diet during recruit school.  Finally, the participants completed a physical training level assessment, acknowledging their baseline performance and creating goals for improvement.

I believe this program will better prepare these firefighter candidates for the rigors of firefighter recruit school.  They will have basic skills and knowledge of physical training that will provide a smoother start to recruit school physical training.  The nutritional information will provide a healthy start to their recruit school experience to keep them focused on learning and provide the foundation for healthy habits in the future.  I believe Firefighter Simmons deserves to be recognize as Employee of the Month of her initiative in creating and implementing the Fit to Fight program.”