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Fire Safety Programs for Children

Fire Safety is for everyone including our children.  Come explore the the world of safety for children ranging in age from three-years-old to 17.

Safety Presentations for Children

Play Safe, Be Safe (Pre-school – Kindergarten)

Play Safe, Be Safe® prevention program introduce students to simple, age appropriate, fire safety messages.  There is a video component, a game and activity that goes with each of the four lessons presented in the program. Play Safe, Be Safe® was created by BIC Corporation in 1994 as a kit to be distributed out to fire departments and schools.  Over 114,000 kits have been distributed across the U.S. and Canada.

For more information review the Play Safe, Be Safe website.

Learn Not to Burn® (Pre-school – Second Grade)

Learn Not to Burn®, developed by the National Fire Protection Association, is a comprehensive fire safety curriculum for use in schools. LNTB presents five fire safety messages using classroom lessons, activities and home connections. It provides public educators with maximum flexibility so that it can be taught as a stand-alone fire safety unit or easily integrated into language arts lessons.

Sparky School House (Pre-school – Fifth Grade)

Sparky School House is an interactive website with music, games and educational materials used to teach children about fire safety. This website is designed for public educators to be used without the fire departments assistance.  Sparky the Fire Dog® was developed by the National Fire Protection Association in 1951 and has been the fire prevention mascot everyone has grown to love.

If you are a parent, visit!  You can teach the same fire safety messages at home.

Dusty the Dragon (Pre-school – Third Grade)

“Dusty the Dragon” visits elementary classrooms in an engaging interactive program with music teaching children what to do if there is a fire emergency.  This is a half-hour program including a puppet presentation and story time using No Dragons For Tea, by Jean Penziwolt.

Fire Safety Presentations and Career Days

(Middle School – High School)

This program introduce students to the world of fire science, and emergency services.  Students are provided with the knowledge and materials to protect themselves and their families from a fire or burn injury, as well as educated on arson prevention.

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program

For children, interest in fire is natural, but setting fires is not.  And the consequences can be deadly.  Recent statistics show out of every 100 people who die in fires set by child, 85 are other children.

The North Charleston Fire Department’s Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program is committed to preventing future fire setting behavior.  The program counsels children and their families about fire safety with the goal of stopping firesetting behavior. It is based on the United States Fire Administration, NFA, Juvenile Firestter Intervention Specialist Program.

The program is a collaborative effort between fire investigators, fire suppression personnel, the fire prevention division, law enforcement and mental health professionals. The firesetter can be referred to the program from any of the above agencies. In addition, the school district or juvenile justice system may refer a student to the program.  Parents can also volunteer to participate with their children.

A trained interviewer from the department will visit with you and your child to assess the fire setting behavior and any challenges the child faces.  Once it is determined if the incidents was accidental, curiosity or the signs of a deeper issue recommendations are made. An intensive fire prevention educational program is designed around your child’s age and fire event.  Referrals may be made to other agencies to further assist your child and family.

For more information, please contact the North Charleston Fire Department Fire Prevention Division at (843) 740-2647 or (843) 740-2616.