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Fire Safety For Homeowners & Renters

Before you move into you home, be it a condo, apartment, mobile home, duplex or free standing single family home, ensure the smoke alarms are functioning. All you have to do is press the ‘push to test’ button to ensure your alarms work. If it does not function replace the battery and try again. If this doesn’t work replace the alarm. If you need assistance contact North Charleston Fire Department headquarters for help 740-2616.  We offer a free smoke alarm installation program called Get Alarmed.  We will install alarms outside each sleeping area and one on each level of your home to help you become fire safe. Remember that your nose doesn’t work when you are asleep. The alarm may be your family’s only warning in the event of a fire. Even if you have your own alarms firefighters will help you install them in the optimal locations in your home. This is the first step in fire safety.

Download and fill out the Home Fire Safety Checklist to ensure you have arranged your home in a fire safe fashion.

Hold a fire drill in your home.  Even if your home has only adults E.D.I.T.H. is for you.  Fires are dark, hot and can be confusing. Plan how you will get out and where you will meet the rest of the occupants in your home. Your home can become unsurvivable in as little as a minute after the smoke alarm sounds.

It can take as little as five minutes to lose the entire building