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Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Firefighter Corey Hughes and Firefighter Michael Montemayor for being named Employees of the Month for October and November 2017.  Chief Bulanow, in his memo, wrote the following: "Based on the following recommendation from Assistant Chief Matt McDowell, it is my pleasure to recognize you as "Employee of the Month" for October/November, 2017 with my appreciation for your outstanding demonstration of our organizational values as described below."

In the nomination letter to the chief, Assistant Chief Matt McDowell wrote:

"I would like to recommend Firefighter Corey Hughes and Firefighter Michael Montemayor for Employees of the Month for October and November 2017. Firefighters Hughes and Montemayor are the principle instructors of the recruit school physical training program which requires them to report to work early nearly every weekday for 14-weeks. The time commitment alone demonstrates an uncommon level of dedication; however, their initiative to frow the program had helped it achieve a level of efficiency and effectiveness that is rare in the recruit school setting.

Both have participated as PT instructors since 2015. With each recruit class they have increased their levels of both responsibility and leadership.  Under their leadership, the PT program has expanded in both scope and number of instructors.. Not only do the PT cadre plan and execute all exercise activities, they have also developed drill and ceremony and uniform inspection programs.  The success of these programs is evidenced by the dramatic transformation of our recruits from civilians to physically fit, confident and professional members of the fire service. 

Firefighter Hughes was appointed as the Lead Physical Fitness Instructor for our Recruit School program in preparation for the current recruit school class.  With the help of Firefighter Montemayor and others, they have developed a formal program that provides a level of consistency and effectiveness that has been recognized by outside agencies as industry leading.  They are both fully committed to building a legacy consistent worth our department's core values of honor, courage and compassion.

We honor our profession by imparting respect, standards nd traditions to our future leaders.  Firefighter Hughes and Montemayor demonstrate and build courage by developing our newest members both physically and mentally to meet the demands of the job.  Finally, their relentless expectation of teamwork reinforces the need to support each other and the importance of compassion in the service of all people.  As a result, these values will be engrained into our recruits once they are called to the service of our citizens.

Their tireless demonstration of dedication and leadership imparts intangible values into these young members that may go unnoticed to those unfamiliar with the recruit school training process.  It is for this reason that I respectfully submit for them to be formally and officially recognized."


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