Charleston County collects recyclables per their schedule in areas of the city that are located in Charleston County. The City picks up recyclables from city areas located in Dorchester County on a weekly basis according to the outline below. The City will provide a recycling bin for Dorchester County recyclers.

Charleston County

Please visit the Charleston County website for additional information on recycling in areas of North Charleston located in Charleston County.

Recycling Programs

Dorchester County

The City collects recyclables from areas in the City that are located in Dorchester County on a weekly basis.  Co-mingled (plastic and metal) recyclables and paper products are collected on alternating weeks.  Dorchester County also provides convenience sites where residents can bring their recyclables.  Please visit the Dorchester County website for additional information on recycling in Dorchester County.

East of Dorchester Road (excluding Wescott)

Includes Coosaw Creek, Saddlebrook, Indigo Palms, Villas at Charleston Park. Collection day is Monday.

2016 Recycling Calendar

Wescott Plantation

All Wescott subdivisions. Collection day is Wednesday.

2016 Recycling Calendar

West of Dorchester Road

Includes Whitehall, Indigo Fields, Cedar Grove, Marsh Side, Taylor Plantation, Summersbend. Collection day is Thursday.

2016 Recycling Calendar

Cooking Oil/Grease Recycling

North Charleston Sewer District recently partnered with Midlands Biofuels in an effort to escalate its “Cease the Grease” campaign – and just in time for the holidays too! Midlands Biofuels offers a proprietary grease bin design to properly and safely dispose of cooking grease.

NCSD asks its residents to join the “Cease the Grease!” campaign by disposing of cooking grease in one of these bins, available in 3 convenient North Charleston locations:

  • NCSD Administrative Offices at 7225 Stall Road;
  • NCFD Station 5 at 6265 Dorchester Road; and
  • Felix C. Davis Community Center at 4800 Park Circle

Used cooking oil recycling instructions

  1. Let the used oil or grease cool.
  2. Pour the used cooking oil or grease into any container with a lid.
  3. Take your cooking oil to your nearest drop-off location.
  4. Open the lid on the recycling bin.
  5. Pour the used cooking oil and grease into the bin, then close the lid.
  6. Save your container for the next time you use cooking oil, or recycle your container.



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