Project Descriptions



AC Corcoran

Students at AC Corcoran conducted a trash pick-up with the Green Team students around the school.  They picked up 16 bags of trash and will continue the cleanup process for the remainder of the school year.  The Green Team students and several other students from different grade levels conducted a planting project of two butterfly gardens.

Burns Elementary

Students, staff, and volunteers created a classroom courtyard utilizing an open area between buildings.  Numerous plants, park benches, and patio furniture were placed in the yard to allow for outdoor class time.  A Charleston-themed mural was painted on a wall.  Additionally, a trash pickup was held on and around the school campus.

Charleston School of the Arts

Charleston SOA completed their CCS project during their ecology unit.  The funds and materials provided were used to beautify the landscape and implement a sustainable herb garden.  The school built a raised bed that includes approximately 10 perennial flowers, 300 annuals, and over 20 herbs and vegetables.  The garden will be mulched and maintained using a rain barrel.

Chicora School of Communication

Chicora’s existing garden area was overrun by weeds, so the school gave it a makeover.  The students prepped and cleaned the entire area by raking and gathering leaves, pulling weeds, and collecting any debris or trash.  The students worked in teams to complete the project.  The existing raised, wooded garden structure received new seasonal plants and the circular garden structure was made into a butterfly garden.  Patio pavers were placed with an outdoor bench for reflecting and quiet time.

Child & Family Development Center

196 volunteers came out to help give the school campus a face lift.  They beautified the campus by updating the existing butterfly garden and creating a new school flowerbed.  Students planted and designed a home for the beautiful flowers.  They also cleaned and organized the toy shed for the playground toys.  Volunteers cut away hanging branches and debris and picked up trash and debris on campus.

Daniel Jenkins Creative Learning Center

All 118 students participated in several Clean Cities Sweep activities.  The school had approximately $750 in plants in supplies donated to the event, through various sources.  They received donations of seeds, seed starter kits, potting soil, bushes, lilies, flats of flowers, and new water hoses.  The students planted the school’s 7 raised beds, replanted the front door pots, seeded 24 new trees to be raised and donated, and created a new flowerbed.  In addition, the students volunteered to wash the patrol cars of the school resource officers from local CCSD schools.

Dunston Primary

The entire school participated in a litter cleanup.  They walked the school grounds and collected trash.  The kindergarten students learned what plants and flowers need to grow.  They learned about living things in science, and planted flowers for their classrooms.  They also planted a vegetable garden which includes tomato plants, zucchini, bell peppers, kale, and cilantro.  The students water them daily and pull weeds in the garden.

Eagle Nest Elementary

Students built twelve 4”x4” wood gardens to create a “victory garden.”  Fifth grade students, with the help of their teacher Mr. Castillo, built the twelve square gardens and learned about the proper soil and planting methods for specific plants.  They also used math formulas to calculate how much soil would be needed for each garden.  Clemson University and Ashley Ridge High School donated seedlings for the project.  The class installed soaker hoses and is working on ways to sustain the project over the summer break.  Mr. Castillo plans to pass this project on to his incoming fifth grade class in the fall to continue the project.

Fort Dorchester Elementary

As FDES continues its commitment to “going green” and learning more about how to protect the Earth, their project this year was to focus on beautifying a pond in the courtyard area.  The pond has been the focal point of the courtyard and had difficulties last year sustaining water and aquatic life.  It was their goal this year to revamp the pond by adding a stone layer to the inside and beautifying the outside.  They added fish and plant life to the pond to add to its natural beauty.  The Gator Gardeners researched water plants that would be both beneficial and beautiful.

Fort Dorchester High

One group of FDHS students assisted with trash pickup around the campus along with storm cleanup due to tree limbs blocking several pathways.  The students were able to clean these pathways as well as a few locations specifically designed for golf carts.  They then conducted a planting session for the beautification of the walkway that allows spectators to enter the sports pavilions.

Garrett Academy of Technology

Students engaged in cleaning up the trash around the school as well as the garden and flowerbeds.  The students learned about how easy it is to plant, grow, and maintain their own fresh vegetables and herbs so they can do the same at their own homes.

Hunley Park Elementary

All students and staff in all grade levels participated in different activities along with parents and Air Force base volunteers.  Some of the project included collecting and disposing of trash on school grounds and surrounding streets, planting flowers in entryway planters, planting flowers in different areas of the school grounds, weeding and cleaning the perennial butterfly garden, and weeding and planting the vegetable garden.  They also enjoyed an art show made up of recycled items put together by students and the school’s art teacher.

Hursey Elementary

Students at Malcolm C. Hursey enthusiastically and proudly cleaned up the campus by picking up trash.  Students ranging in age from pre-school through sixth grade participated.  In addition, students enhanced the beauty of the school by planting flowers in the bed at the entrance of the school, providing plants at the front door, and planting flowers next to the school sign.

Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science

All 550 students at the school made seed strips or pods to plant around their homes or school grounds.  In addition, students built bird houses to attract native species, cleaned the school grounds of litter, and set up upcycled planters to beautify a side entrance of the school utilized regularly by students and staff.  The school supported a local craftsman by purchasing upcycled wood pallet planters for part of the project.

Joe Pye Elementary

Joe Pye Elementary created a garden in the front of the school as a two-fold project.  First, the goal was to enhance the curb appeal of the entrance of the school.  Second, the garden will serve a natural design to block the view into the kindergarten playground to deter on-lookers.

Lambs Elementary

Students walked the grounds of the school and collected trash.  Students cleared weeds and planted vegetables and plants in the garden.

Liberty Hill Academy

All 30 of the elementary and middle school students participated in creating several gardens.  The front entrance was cleaned and prepared for a new flower garden.  The students planted two vegetables beds for a harvest lunch in late May.  Finally, the front planters were planted with beautiful butterfly attracting plants.

Mary Ford Elementary

70 kindergarten students participated in a cleanup and planting project to revitalize the school’s community garden.  Fourth grade students conducted a readers theater performance for parents at the April Parent Breakfast.  All students in the school participated in educational lessons provided by the media specialist and art teacher, and all students participated in a weekly school-wide cleanup during the week of Earth Day.

Midland Park Primary

Students came out as a class to pick up trash around the school campus.  Students assisted in the planting of flowers around the school and will water the plants daily by class.

Military Magnet Academy

The Cadets of Military Magnet Academy under the supervision of its Military and Academic Faculty and Staff, conducted a clean-up of trash and debris within the campus grounds as well as the two-mile area around the school.  Cadets participated in this activity each Saturday for two hours.

North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary

All 280 students partnered with teachers, staff, parents, and community volunteers to clean up and beautify the school.  Trash was cleaned up in all areas, and the school front was given a total makeover with new flowerbeds and pots, a sitting area, and a sculpture of the school’s mascot. They were able to get over 100 flowers and other materials donated by a local Home Depot location.

North Charleston Elementary

306 students at NCES participated in their Clean Cities Sweep project.  They were also fortunate to have volunteers from Cummings come out and assist with their project.  Students and volunteers painted, planted flowers, and picked up trash around the school.  Students also raked the leaves on the playground.  They received paint supplies and donated lunch for volunteers from Cummings.

North Charleston High

Staff and students cleaned up all of the campus, including three adjacent streets to the school campus.  Students planted an orchard and installed a bird feeder and bird house.

North Charleston United Methodist Church Learning Center

All 13 kindergarten students and 3 volunteers picked up trash and raked up 7 bags of leaves and debris.  They planted 7 butterfly plants and 7 lemongrass plants to attract butterflies and repel mosquitoes.  They visited Cypress Gardens and learned about plants that are good for butterflies.

Northwoods Middle

Students used their recess to pick up trash during the school day.  They cleaned the school’s stadium and painted a mural on the wall of the cafeteria.

Owens Christian Academy

The school designed and installed a custom butterfly garden with master gardener, Germaine Jenkins.  They used organic gardening techniques to maintain an annual garden.  Information was shared with parents regarding techniques of maintaining and harvesting organic gardens.

Pepperhill Elementary

All 630 students at Pepperhill Elementary were designated a time and location to either clean or assemble items for the Clean Cities Sweep project.  The entire garden area was reconstructed, tilled up, and new compost was laid.  An additional area near the garden was created where picnic tables were placed and assembled and named the “Lunch Buddy Lounge.”  This area will be available for outside meals where community members and volunteers can come and eat lunch with students.  Students and volunteers conducted cleaning sweeps of the entire area surrounding the school, parking lot, and nature trail to clear them of any unwanted debris and trash.

Pinehurst Elementary

Students at Pinehurst cleaned around the entire school campus.  They have a working garden and added two new beds to the garden along with a new bench.  They use the food grown from the garden in the school cafeteria.

River Oaks Middle

Students and staff at River Oaks take great pride in their school campus.  The whole team worked together to pick up trash, pull weeds, lay pine straw, and plant flowers.  Part of the day was spent beginning new flower boxes for the new garden and greenhouse.  The school matched the $100 provided by KNCB so that new flowers and shrubs could accent the entrance to the building.

Stall High

Students from ninth grade advisory classes participated in a clean sweep of the school’s campus and the front entrance on Ashley Phosphate Road.  Students planted flowers at the front entrance to the school.  In addition, P.E. classes and sports teams cleaned their fields and collected recycling.

Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary

The after school Garden Club and student council members took on the task of creating a butterfly garden in one of the school’s courtyard areas.  The garden club planted seedlings in the preexisting vegetable garden.  The seedlings included kale, onions, tomatoes, snow peas, and cabbage.  In addition, the recycling club recycled paper, cans, and bottles throughout the school and school grounds.





The community decided to concentrate on areas of public access where debris accumulated because of no accountability of ownership along the inner boundary of the community.  The ditch area, rail crossing, community entrance sign, and street patrol of the community were the focal points.  They created a flower bed at Misroon Street, planted approximately 50 flowers at the two entrances, and removed 40 tires from the ditch area and public right of way.  The community sponsored lunch for the volunteers who assisted with the cleanup.

Charleston Farms

Volunteers worked in the garden, raking and cleaning weeds out of the garden beds.  The planted green peppers, tomatoes, green beans, onions, squash, and cucumbers.  They have been creating this garden for three years and work in it and add to it as needed.

Chicora Cherokee

Residents of the Chicora-Cherokee Neighborhood removed trash from eight streets.  Residents also beautified the area by creating flower beds on the corner of Reynolds Ave and Troy Street and at the Gussie Green Community Center.  In addition, some residents maintained the community garden by weeding and planting the summer crops.

Colony North

Volunteers from Colony North removed 100 bags of pine straw and weeds and trimmed pine trees in the median on Norwalk Drive.  The neighborhood is in the process of growth of the surrounding land and the expansion of Northside Drive.  They will soon have new plants installed in the area in front of their neighborhood sign after construction is complete.

Courtyards at Wescott

Volunteers painted new community benches, installed new plantings, and installed storm drain markers throughout the neighborhood on twenty different storm drains.

Dorchester Terrace

Dorchester Terrace partnered with Dorchester Waylylan to complete a neighborhood cleanup project.  The neighborhoods together removed more than 400 bags of litter and debris.

Dorchester Waylylan

Dorchester Waylylan partnered with Dorchester Terrace to complete a neighborhood cleanup project.  The neighborhoods together removed more than 400 bags of litter and debris.


Volunteers collected 16 bags of trash and planted 7 new plants around their entrance signs.  In addition, Adopt-A-Block volunteers held a cleanup the week prior to the Clean Cities Sweep project.  They created an interchangeable sign that they placed on one of the entrance signs.  They cut back bushes at various intersections for better visibility.

Forest Hills 1

Volunteers cleaned up the front entrance to the neighborhood and wash the neighborhood sign.  They planted 4 white azalea plants with liriope as ground cover.  They cleaned up 30 bags of leaves around the entrance to keep the neighborhood looking nice.  They removed 3 trees and 3 large piles of yard debris.

Green Grove

Green Grove neighborhood conducted a cleanup with 25 residents along with a group of 15 volunteers.  The residents cleaned their own yards prior to the cleanup.  They cleaned the entrance to the community to prepare for their upcoming new community sign.

Hidden River on the Ashley

8 neighborhood residents, 17 members of the Fort Dorchester High School wrestling team, and 3 volunteers from the Air Force base helped to plant 4 knock-out roses around the entrance sign.  Two flats of lantana were added around the magnolia and palm trees.  Ten additional plants were installed near the neighborhood’s 3 informational signs.  Volunteers picked up 7 bags of trash and 2 piles of limbs and debris from common areas.

Murray Hill

Neighbors got together to rake and bags leaves at the community park. They installed new tree shrubs, and enjoyed a community lunch following the completion of their project.

North East Park Circle

Residents meet up to walk the neighborhood and pick up any litter and debris.  After the walk, volunteers met at the neighborhood “Welcome” sign and prepared the planting under the sign.  They installed yellow day lilies and marigolds.

Olde North Charleston

ONCNC did a cleanup and planting around the neighborhood sign at the corner of Buist and Spruill Avenues.  This included mowing the lawn, trimming back overgrowth along the border, and cleaning up any trash in the area.  They planted ten azaleas, sixteen lantana, and two hydrangeas.


Pepperhill Civic Club completed three major projects during the Clean Cities Sweep.  They weeded existing beds on Brandywine and Peppercorn, removed dead plants from the harsh winter, added compost, and replanted weeping loropetalum and lantana.  They edged all beds and installed 24 bales of pine straw.  At Pepperhill Elementary, they created a new rose bed with 11 drift roses.  Their multiple projects involved five different flowerbeds and 71 plants.  In addition, they mowed and edged the grass on Peppercorn.  A total of 27 volunteers helped to complete these projects.


Riverbend conducted a cleanup of their entrance way with 11 volunteers.  Old and dead plants and bushes were removed.  The ground was prepared and fertilized.  Four azalea bushes along with 24 Angelonia plants were installed to give color throughout the year and keep maintenance to a minimum.  Mulch was put down to maintain moisture.  They picked up trash and litter and landscaped the grounds damaged by a car running into their street sign.

Wando Woods

The neighborhood conducted a cleanup with ten volunteers.  They collected six bags of trash and two bags of recycling along the I-526 frontage road, down Paramount Drive, and in the park surrounding the Minor Crosby building.


Community Groups



Volunteers conducted a cleanup around the vicinity of the Bosch plant.  They collected twelve large bags of litter and debris on Dorchester Road and along the fence of the Archdale neighborhood.



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