Support Services

Assistant Chief Reggie BurgessThe Support Services Bureau is under the direction of Assistant Chief of Police Reggie Burgess.  The Assistant Chief of Police supervises the Deputy Chiefs and ensures that the organization's daily operational functions are effectively implemented and that divisional and departmental operations are properly maintained.  The Assistant Chief also oversees personnel decisions, compliancy, human relations, regulations, and budgetary reports.

The Bureau consists of the Administrative Services Unit, the Police Technology Coordinator, and Quartermaster Liaison.  All of these Units report through their chain of command to the Captain of the Support Services Bureau Terrell Palmer, who in turn reports directly to the Assistant Chief of Police. These functions are described as follows:                       

(a) The Administrative Services Unit is managed by the Police Administrative Supervisor and is responsible for the accommodation of the needs of the Police Department concerning vehicles and supplies. The unit is responsible for the documentation and reporting of budget activities for the department. This unit is also responsible for the management and distribution of uniforms and non-technological personal equipment excluding ballistic vests.    

(b) The Police Technology Coordinator is responsible for researching and coordinating implementation of new technologies that would enhance the department’s ability to carry out its mission.

(c) The Quartermaster Liaison is responsible for assisting the City’s Quartermaster.



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