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Firefighter of the Month

In a letter to Engineer Charles Houge; Chief Bulanow wrote, "Based on the recommendation from the HR Committee, it is my pleasure to recognize you as "Employee of the Month" for July 2014 with my appreciation for your outstanding work as described in the following nomination from Captain James Hall."

Captain Hall wrote, "I wanted to bring your attention to the exemplary efforts of Engineer Houge for the City of North Charleston Fire Department.  Engineer Houge has impressed me greatly by volunteering his time to assist instruction for the current Recruit School, providing great leadership and guidance with Station Two Company Drills, helping external customers on and off duty and most importantly, and having a great attitude.

Engineer Houge has been assisting with instruction on and off duty for the North Charleston Fire Department Recruit School. Engineer Houge volunteered his time at the beginning of May 2014 by assisting instruction for the 1152 class. Engineer Houge was able to provide great leadership for the practical burn class.  Engineer Houge again assisted with instruction on May 30, 2014 for the 1153 class at Station 4.

Engineer Houge has demonstrated great leadership skills by providing instruction with Company drills. Engineer Houge has shown great effort with helping Firefighters Rose and White work towards completion of their Probationary Packets.

Engineer Houge has demonstrated compassion with external customers on and off duty.  Many times Engineer Houge stopped to talks with customers, and provide food and drinks when needed.  Once, he watched a man mowing the lawn next to Station 2 in the hot sun.  He showed compassion by offering the man a cold Gatorade.

Lastly, Engineer Houge impresses me with his positive attitude and professionalism on and off duty. He comes to work every day ready to work with a positive attitude.  I greatly appreciate that Engineer Houge shows great passion in his work here at Station 2 and for the City of North Charleston Fire Department. 


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