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Fire Sprinklers, Alarm Systems, and Hood Suppression Permit

Permit Application



  • Fire Alarm Permit Application, 3 sets of prints, 1 set of documents (specs, etc.).
  • Application information completed in full (owner’s name, owner’s contact information and contractor’s name, contractor’s information, contractors state license, engineer’s name, engineer information, signed and date and project address.
  • Creation date of plan, revision dates, point of compass, scale and graphic representation of scale.
  • Manufacturers cut Sheet for all equipment, clearly indicating which models will be utilized.
  • Contract on letterhead which includes detailed scope of work, cost of materials and labor work
  • Floor plan (s) indicating all device locations and clearly identifying rooms, area, etc.
  • 1-line diagram (riser), including power connections and conductor type and sizes.
  • Battery and voltage drop calculations
  • Clear description of ceiling construction and height or detailed elevations drawing
  • Operation of any specialized equipment (smoke control/exhaust or other life safety systems).
  • Compatibility listings to verify component compatibility with the FA control panel
  • Alarm response matric
  • Clearly indicate the location and tamper switches for the Knox Box (if tamper switches are installed).
  • Existing systems: Provide a copy of the most recent annual inspection report.

Once Zoning reviews their portion of the job they will forward paperwork to Fire Department (843) 740-2622 to review the drawings.  Fire inspector will call applicant once review is completed. Permit will be issued and picked up in the Building Department.


For inspections contact Fire Inspector Cindy Killette at (843) 740-2622.

Fire Inspection

  • Rough
  • Final

Posting of Permit

Work requiring a permit shall not commence until the permit holder or his agents posts the permit card inside a permit box in a conspicuous place on the premise.  The permit shall be protected from weather and located in such position as to permit the Building Official or representative to conveniently make the required entries thereon.  No work can be done until a permit is issued.  The permit cards shall be maintained in position by permit holder until the certificate of Occupancy or Completion is issued by the Building Official.  Inspection(s) will not be done by an inspector if the job site is missing permit drawings and a permit box.

The following are required inspections: If an inspection is not called for whether rough, final, etc. you are subject to lose City or State license.  This includes all new construction, renovations and roof work (must provide a ladder). 

The permit holder must call in his/her own inspections unless an authorization letter has been sent prior to anyone calling in inspections.


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