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Here's how

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One Stop Shop

Building, Finance, Planning, and Zoning Departments are located on the 3rd Floor of City Hall at 2500 City Hall Ln, North Charleston, SC 29406.

North Charleston understands the need for businesses and homeowners to quickly submit and receive permits, businesses licenses, or inspections. That's why we have streamlined our services for you.

Through combined efforts of the City's Building, Finance, Planning, and Zoning Departments, North Charleston is proud to offer our citizens and businesses the 'One Stop Shop,' located on the 3rd floor of City Hall.

What makes our 'One Stop Shop' so convenient? Each department in the 'One Stop Shop' share a common customer lobby, so instead of traveling from one room to the next, or even one building to the next, a customer simply has to walk a few paces to the next window.

The protection of life, health, and property are among our highest concerns. We pride ourselves on the ability to uphold our standards through a streamlined permitting, inspection, rezoning, and variance process.


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