Certificate of Occupancy


Documents Required for Residential Certificate of Occupancy/ Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

  • Sub – contractor List
  • Final Building/ Zoning Inspection
  • Re inspection Fees ( if builder or sub-contractors acquire any re inspection fees doing the project)

Certificate of Occupancy (New Construction)

  • Sub - Contractor List
  • Finished Floor Elevation Certificate
  • Gypsum Board Letter
  • Revision Letter
  • Roofing Letter
  • Dorchester County Impact Fee( if applicable)
  • Elevation Certificate ( if property is Located in a Flood Zone)
  • PDF- (drawings /plans)(mandatory for the Building Dept. retention)
  • Truss Drawings (if trusses was used)
  • Final Building/Zoning Inspection
  • All Re Inspection fees  paid (if the builder or the sub -contractors have acquired any re- inspection fees during the project)


Documents Required for Commercial Certificate of Occupancy/Certification of Completion

Certificate of Occupancy/ Completion will be issued after:

  • All final inspections (building, fire, sign, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, gas, etc.,) are completed.
  • All Re-inspection fees are paid.
  • A list of all sub-contractors is submitted.
  • Landscaping inspection completed by Zoning Department.
  • Fire Inspections Completed by Fire Department
  • Submit report of special inspections completion schedule (7) provided on disc.

Certificate of Occupancy (New Construction, Addition, more than 50% of work was performed)

  • Sub-Contractor List ( should be attached with permit package)
  • Finished Floor ( should be attached with permit package)
  • Revision Letter ( should be attached with permit package)
  • Dorchester County Impact Fee ( if applicable) ( Only Apartment Building- $ 2500.00)
  • Sewer Inspection Approval
  • Energy Efficiency certificate  -COM CHECK ( usually provided up front)
  • Post Compliance Statement ( Signed by Contractor/Engineered)( Electrical/Mechanical)
  • Special Inspection on CD( if applicable)
  • Final MS4 (closeout letter) from Public Works Dept.
  • Roofing Letter ( letter provided by the roofer)
  • Elevation Certificate ( if property is located in flood zone)
  • PDF’s ( architectural and engineered drawing must be on file)
  • Truss Drawings ( if applicable)
  • As Builts
  • Final Fire, Zoning, Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, Mechanical  and Sign(s) Inspection


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